Wine Lounge

Wine Lounge

Traditional Tapas is served from 5pm to 9.30pm. seven days a week .

Come and relax in the wine lounge with friends and have enjoy our authentic tapas with dishes brought to your table as you eat.


1. Tabla de Queso
Assortment of cheese with chutney and rustic bread

3. Tabla de Coronilla
Assortment of pate and chutney served with rustic bread
2. Plato de Cecina gf
Assortment of Serrano ham and cured meats with rustic bread
4. Surtido de verduras V
A selection of mediterranean marinated vegetables ,olives and hummus with rustic bread
5. Tabla de Ibericos
Aged Serrano ham, chorizo, cheese, pate, olives & mediterranean vegetables with rustic bread
(A mixture of all of the above)


6. Tostada de Champinones V
Mushrooms, garlic, truffle oil & Manchego cheese on crisp toasted bread
21. Aceitunas Alinadas V gf
Mushrooms, garlic, truffle oil & Manchego cheese on crisp toasted bread
7. Frito de Manchego con Meil V
Manchego cheese rolled in breadcrumbs fried and finished with a honey glaze
22. Pan Fresco V
Basket of rustic bread served with aioli and tomato salsa
8. Ensalada Queso de Cabra V gf
Salad leaves mixed with tomato, olives, red onion drizzled with olive oil topped with crumbled goats cheese
23. Pan Catalan V
Hot toasted bread topped with tomato and sliced garlic
9. Albondigas gf
Spiced pork and beef meatballs in a rich slow cooked tomato sauce
24. Bollo al Ajillo V
Large spanish bread roll baked with garlic butter
10. Chorizo al Sidra gf
Sliced chorizo sautéed in cider, garlic and thyme
25. Patatas Fritas V gf
French fries
11. Pollo Marinado gf
Panfried chicken breast marinated in smoked paprika, lemon and olive oil served with sour cream dip
26. Rustiico Patatas Fritas V gf
Rustic fries served with a selection of dips
12. Pollo Rebozado con Miel
Chicken fillet in a crisp batter coated with honey & whole grain mustard
27. Patatas Bravas V gf
Fried potatoes served with a spiced tomato sauce & aioli
13. Carne de Res gf
Marinated beef skewers drizzled with a zesty dressing
28. Pimiento V gf
Spanish peppers fried in olive oil and sprinkled with corse sea salt
14. Chorizo y Butifarra Negra
Chorizo & black pudding sautéed in spicy tomato sauce
29. Verduras Asadas Miel V gf
Honey roasted mediterranean vegetables
15. Gambas Pil Pil gf
King prawns cooked with olive oil, fresh chillies & garlic
30. Ensalada V gf
Salad leaves mixed with tomato, cucumber, olives, red onion drizzled with olive oil
16. Chipirones
Crispy fried baby squid served with aioli & lemon
17. Gambas ajo y Limon gf
King prawns cooked with garlic, white wine, butter, parsley and lemon

Special Deal

18. Lubina con salsa de Mango
Seabass grilled and topped with a mango salsa
Any two tapas and one guarnicion

19. Carrilleras Estofadas
Slowy braised pork cheek , potatoes, carrots, celery and sherry
One tapas dish and two guarniciones

20. Lamb kofta
Spicy lamb koftas served with mint yogurt dressing

V- vegeterian
gf- gluten free

Additional Info

    • "Perfect for a getaway from everything! No need to go anywhere else, everything is there at your doorstep."